2 x 200g  Dry Aged Dales Fillet Steaks

2 x 200g Dry Aged Dales Fillet Steaks

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Fillet steak is one of the most prized cuts of meat in Britain and there is a good reason why. Fillet steak comes from a part of the cow called the tenderloin which is high up and from the lower middle of the back, the muscle is rarely exercised meaning it is extremely lean and tender. We dry hang our steak for at least 28 days to create the perfect flavour and texture for the ultimate steak night.

Good to know

All beef sold at Kendalls is sourced from local farmers markets (Skipton, Otley, Pateley Bridge and Northallerton) and handpicked by our buyer Mr Nick Dalby to ensure the highest standards of animal welfare and quality. We choose traditional heritage breeds to ensure the best quality beef there is.